Our local black water rivers, dotted with white sandy beaches, and surrounded by cypress, tupelo, and water elm border on being magical. Our preferred means of accessing these waters is via kayak or canoe, or paddleboard. The experience is a welcome oasis from our digital, fast-paced, and often hectic daily experience.  For more information about getting out on the water  visit our store for a conversation with one of our knowledgeable staff.

Also visit Pee Dee Adventures for local paddling trips available to participate in year around!


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We enjoy the adventure of travel.  Being on the go, experiencing new places, visiting old favorites.  Though our store name suggests a bias for wilderness travel, we also love the sights and sounds of the city and all that urban travel offers.  As you prepare for your next adventure come by and visit us.


As an outdoor specialty store we aim to guide our guests in the area of equipment selection for outdoor sports. However, we like to highlight that equipment selection is a means to an end at Naturally Outdoors.

The end is adventure. It’s an encounter with beauty, a walk in the woods, a breath of fresh air; it’s a slower pace.

Naturally Outdoors is here to help you with the nuts and bolts of Backpacking; how to get started, where to go, how to do it comfortably and safely. And yes we can also help you select the right equipment, one piece at a time, in the right order—gear that will work best for you.